Elwood R. Quesada

Nov 1, 1958–Jan 20, 1961

Elwood R. QuesadaEffective date of Quesada's appointment. He took the oath of office on a recess appointment, Nov 5, 1958; superseded the Administrator of Civil Aeronautics, Dec 31, 1958; and was confirmed by the Senate, Mar 11, 1959. The other Administrators' tenure opening dates are the days on which they took the oath of office.

Najeeb E. Halaby

Mar 3, 1961–Jul 1, 1965

Najeeb E. Halaby

William F. McKee

Jul 1, 1965–Jul 31, 1968

William F. McKee Deputy Administrator David D. Thomas became acting administrator.

John H. Shaffer

Mar 24, 1969–Mar 14, 1973

John H. Shaffer

Alexander P. Butterfield

Mar 14, 1973–Mar 31, 1975

Alexander P. Butterfield Deputy Administrator James E. Dow became acting administrator.

John L. McLucas

Nov 24, 1975–Apr 1, 1977

John L. McLucas Quentin S. Taylor, a FAA executive nominated for Deputy Administrator, became acting administrator.

Langhorne M. Bond

May 4, 1977–Jan 20, 1981

Langhorne M. Bond Associate Administrator for Administration Charles E. Weithoner became acting administrator.

J. Lynn Helms

Apr 22, 1981–Jan 31, 1984

J. Lynn Helms Deputy Administrator Michael J. Fenello became acting administrator.

Donald D. Engen

Apr 10, 1984–Jul 2, 1987

Donald D. Engen Director of the New England Region, Robert Whittington became acting administrator.

T. Allan McArtor

Jul 22, 1987–Feb 17, 1989

T. Allan McArtor McArtor, Busey, Richards, and Hinson later took the oath a second time in public ceremonies.

Executive Director for Policy, Plans, and Resource Management Robert Whittington became acting administrator.

James B. Busey IV

Jun 30, 1989–Dec 4, 1991

James B. Busey IV Deputy Administrator Barry L. Harris became acting administrator.

Thomas C. Richards

Jun 27, 1992–Jan 20, 1993

Thomas C. Richards Acting Deputy Administrator Joseph M. Del Balzo became acting administrator.

David R. Hinson

Aug 10, 1993–Nov 9, 1996

David R. Hinson Deputy Administrator Linda Daschle became acting administrator until her resignation from the agency on January 31, 1997; on February 1, 1997, Barry Valentine became acting administrator.

Jane F. Garvey

Aug 4, 1997–Aug 2, 2002

Jane F. Garvey Acting Deputy Administrator Monte Belger became acting administrator.

Marion C. Blakey

Sep 13, 2002–Sep 13, 2007

Marion C. Blakey Deputy Administrator Bobby Sturgell became acting administrator until he left the agency with the change in presidential administrations on January 20, 2009. Assistant Administrator for Regions and Centers, Ruth Leverenz, became acting deputy administrator until her retirement from the agency on January 3, 2009. Assistant Administrator for Security and Hazardous Materials, Lynne Osmus, became acting deputy administrator on January 6, 2009. Lynne Osmus became acting administrator on January 16, 2009.

J. Randolph Babbitt

June 1, 2009–Dec 5, 2011

J. Randolph Babbitt

Michael P. Huerta

January 9, 2013–Present

Michael P. Huerta

On April 1, 1967, FAA's name changed from Federal Aviation Agency to Federal Aviation Administration.