The FAA’s safety mission requires it to take action to reduce or eliminate the possibility or recurrence of accidents in air transportation. The FAA and the air transportation industry have sought innovative means for addressing safety problems and identifying potential safety hazards.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) encourages safety programs to increase the awareness of management and all employees of their responsibility to promote continual compliance with all regulatory requirements and best safety practices. These programs are not mandatory; however they are encouraged by the FAA and are intended to generate safety information that may not otherwise be obtainable.  They are safety critical processes to ensure that an organization is managing hazard-related risks in an operating environment. 

In this section you will find useful information about several voluntary safety programs, such as Safety Management Systems (SMS) AC 120-92, Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) AC 120-66 and Flight Operational Quality Assurance (FOQA) AC 120-82.  While this list is not all inclusive, it provides a good start to your responsibility and proactive approach in enhancing your organization’s safety management. Before your organization begins the initial certification process, it is critical that these programs are implemented into your processes. 

Once you have become familiar with these programs, contact the Air Carrier Certification and Evaluation Program Office to learn more and to receive a briefing prior to developing documents for the initial certification process.