The Required Management Personnel, Qualifications Summary, and Quality Audit Form must include resumes that meet the requirements of both Parts 119.65 and 119.67 and contain information on the qualifications, certificates, ratings, and experience of personnel selected for the following positions, or equivalent:

  • Director of Operations
  • Director of Maintenance
  • Director of Safety
  • Chief Pilot
  • Chief Inspector

If individuals have only the minimum experience required by the regulations, they should provide their work history in months and years and include brief descriptions of their work experience. Using the resumes and references provided, FAA validates that minimum experience requirements have been met. You must also provide the qualification summary (QS) and quality audit forms (QAF) for each required person.

Qualification Summary Form Quality Audit Form
Director of Maintenance (MS Word) Director of Maintenance (MS Word)
Chief Pilot (MS Word) Chief Pilot (MS Word)
Director of Operations (MS Word) Director of Operations (MS Word)
Director of Safety (MS Word) Director of Safety (MS Word)
Chief Inspector (MS Word) Chief Inspector (MS Word)
  121 Applicant Quality Audit (MS Word)