Also during the 2001-2003 time frames, a project commenced to upgrade the job aids used for design and performance evaluation of the carrier's systems. Growing experience with the system and increasing knowledge of the safety attributes' contexts allowed a several groups of field inspectors to identify Job Task Items (JTI's) associated with each element. These JTI's are being included in a new version of the job aids, now referred to as "Data Collection Tools" or DCTs. Since they are an upgrade but still associated with the original ATOS version, they are being referred to as "1.x DCTs."

Another program that is being added to the system safety suite of tools is the Air Carrier Evaluation Program (ACEP). The ACEP, a replacement for the National Aviation Safety Inspection Program (NASIP), not only applies system safety principles to comprehensive or focused inspections of air carriers, it also allows for air carrier participation in the evaluation. In this case, findings of the joint evaluation result in a corrective action plan that handles compliance issues under a non-punitive self-disclosure agreement. However, FAA still retains the capability to conduct inspections independently, with normal enforcement procedures applying.