AC Number Subject
00-58 Voluntary Disclosure Reporting Program
20-42 Hand Fire Extinguishers for use in Aircraft
20-56 Marking TSO-C72b Individual Flotation Devices
20-60 Accessibility to Excess Exits
20-118 Emergency Evacuation Demonstration
21-25 Approval of Modified Seats and Berths Initially Approved Under a Technical Standard Order
25-17 Transport Airplane Cabin Interiors Crashworthiness Handbook
25.562-1 Dynamic Evaluation of Seat Restraint Systems & Occupant Protection on Transport Category Airplanes
25.783-1 Fuselage Doors, Hatches, and Exits
25.785-1 Flight Attendant Seat and Torso Restraint System Installations
25.795-1 Flightdeck Intrusion Resistance
25.795-2 Flightdeck Penetration Resistance
25.803-1 Emergency Evaluation Demonstrations
25.807-1 Uniform Distribution of Exits
25.812-1 Floor Proximity Emergency Escape Path Marking
25.812-2 Floor Proximity Emergency Escape Path Marking Systems Incorporating Photoluminescent Elements
25.853-1 Flammability Requirements for Aircraft Seat Cushions
90-103 Reporting of Threats in Accordance with the Common Strategy
91.11-1 Guide to Drug Hazards in Aviation Medicine
91.21-1 Use of Portable Electronic Devices Aboard Aircraft
91-58 Use of Pyrotechnic Visual Distress Signaling Devices in Aviation
91-62 Use of Child Seats in Aircraft
91-78 of Class 1 or Class 2 Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)
120-27 Aircraft Weight and Balance Control
120-30 Reporting Requirements of Air Carriers, Commercial Operators, Travel Clubs, and Air Traffic
120-32 Air Transportation of Handicapped Persons
120-38 Transport Category Airplanes Cabin Ozone Concentrations
120-43 The Influence of Beards on Oxygen Mask Efficiency
120-44 Air Carrier First Aid Programs
120-47 Survival Equipment for Use In Overwater Operations
120-48 Communication and Coordination Between Flight Crewmembers and Flight Attendants
120-49 Certification of Air Carriers
120-51 Crew Resource Management Training
120-59 Air Carrier Internal Evaluation Programs
120-61 In-flight Radiation Exposure
120-66B Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP)
120-80 In-Flight Fires
120-87 Use of Child Restraint Systems on Aircraft
120-88 Preventing Injuries Caused by Turbulence
120-92 Introduction to Safety Management Systems for Air Operators
120-95 Portable Oxygen Concentrators
121-6 Portable Battery-Powered Megaphones
121-24 Passenger Safety Information Briefing and Briefing Cards
121-27 Guide For Air Carriers, Freight Forwarders, and Shippers in Obtaining Information Dealing with the Transportation of Hazardous Materails by Air
121-29 Carry-on Baggage
121-33 Emergency Medical Equipment
121-34 Emergency Medical Equipment Training
121-35 Management of Passengers during Ground Operations without Cabin Ventilation
121-36 Management of Passengers who may be Sensitive to Allergens
121-37 Voluntary Disclosure Reporting Programs - Hazardous Materials