Moving your records is an essential part of your successful move to new space. This checklist is designed to help you plan for your next move by outlining the records management issues that need to be considered. The key to a successful move is moving only those records that need to be moved.

    Attention to your records before the move will:
  • Lower your moving costs;
  • Improve control over your information assets;
  • Boost morale and lower stress.
    Waiting until after the move can result in:
  • Wasted dollars and time;
  • Lost, misplaced, and abandoned records;
  • Less productive staff.
    Here is a list of the steps you need to take:
  • Assign a lead person. (Records management knowledge is a plus!)
  • Devise a timetable.
  • Identify records on hand.
  • Sort the records and nonrecords.
  • Purge outdated materials.
  • Plan the new space.
  • Retire inactive records to the Federal Records Center (FRC) or other offsite storage facility.
  • Determine placement of records and nonrecords.
    • Work stations
    • Centralized active files (if applicable)
    • Centralized inactive files (if applicable)
    • Nonrecords, including any technical reference materials (if applicable)
  • Pack into boxes.
    After the move:
  • Unpack and organize.

For more information, contact your Program Office, Region, or Center Records Officer.