Once you have completed your records inventory, you can analyze the results and begin to sort the materials in your offices and file rooms. Using your inventory worksheets, you will be able to identify:

  • Records that need to be kept and moved to the new space;
  • Inactive materials that can be retired to the FRC;
  • What can be recycled or destroyed.

The purpose of this checklist is to give you a listing of the steps to follow as you sort and prepare your materials for the move.

  • Separate records and nonrecords.

    Personal papers, duplicate copies of publications and forms, and technical reference material should be separated and kept apart from official records.

  • Identify:
    • Duplicate records
    • Related records
    • Missing files
    • Fragmented records
  • Determine which records are inactive and due for disposal.

    Do not discard records without making sure they are scheduled for disposal according to approved FAA records schedules.

  • Determine which records are inactive and due for retirement to the FRC.
  • Determine which records are active and need to be moved to the new location.
  • If your office is reorganizing, determine which records need to be sent to which unit.
  • Organize a clean-up day (or days).

    Obtain copies of the appropriate records schedules.

    Order supplies:

    • FRC boxes
    • Recycling barrels
    • 2-inch strapping (filament) tape
    • Black felt-tip markers
  • Weed superseded or obsolete items from your nonrecords, including technical reference material.
  • Arrange for witnessed destruction of records containing sensitive information (e.g., confidential business information (CBI), Privacy Act information, or enforcement sensitive information).
  • Recycle or destroy records as authorized by the records schedules.
  • Prepare inactive records for retirement to FRC. See "Checklist 3: Retiring Records to the FRC" included in this tool kit.
  • Pack materials to be moved to the new space and assign location numbers to the boxes or carts and the space plans. Include:
    • Active and inactive records to be moved to centralized records storage;
    • Active records to be moved to work stations;
    • Nonrecord material, including technical reference material and duplicate copies of publications and forms.
  • Arrange for boxes or carts to be moved.

After the move

  • Unpack and organize materials in the new space per the predetermined plan.