General Principles

Records are created and used by both FAA employees and their agents working on behalf of the Agency. In most cases, they will follow the same procedures in managing records. However, some decisions, such as what records must be retained as part of "official files," can only be made by Agency employees. These procedures will use the term "employees" when it refers to Agency staff and the term "individuals" when referring to both employees and agents.

All individuals shall:

  • Conduct work in accordance with Federal records management regulations and the Agency's records management policy and procedures;
  • Create and manage the records necessary to document their official activities. This includes creating appropriate records documenting meetings, conversations, e-mail messages, telephone calls, and other forms of communication that affect the conduct of official Agency business;
  • Only destroy records in accordance with approved records schedules and never remove or destroy records from the Agency without authorization;
  • File personal papers and nonrecord materials separately from official Agency records.


Individuals should:

  • Be familiar with the recordkeeping requirements for the types of activities in which they are involved;
  • Obtain copies of the records schedules for the types of activities in which they are involved;
  • Obtain copies of records management publications and guidance necessary to manage their records efficiently and effectively.