Completing the Retrieval Forms

Boxes or files may be retrieved from the FRC using Optional Form 11: Reference Request-Federal Records Centers. If you have a high volume of retrievals from the FRC, there is an online system for submitting retrieval requests called Centers Information Processing System (CIPS). If you have questions about the CIPS system, contact your Program Office, Region, or Center Records Officer.

Retrieving folders is generally quicker than recalling entire boxes, and the folders are easier to manage than boxes in the office area. A separate OF-11 must be filled out for each file or box requested. Please type or print information clearly. If the information is not clear, it will result in a delay in retrieving your records. Complete the top portion of the form as follows:

Record Group Number:

Contact your Program Office, Region, or Center Records Officer for the correct number to use.

Accession Number:

Type the accession number from the appropriate SF-135. The accession number consists of the information in Columns(b) and (c) of the RECORDS DATA section of the SF-135.

Agency Box Number:

Type the number of the box containing the folder you wish to retrieve before the word "of," and then the number of the last box in the accession after the word "of." The number of the last box in an accession is given in Column (e) of the SF-135.

Records Center Location Number:

Enter the numbers found in Column (j) of your completed SF-135. If your SF-135 does not have a location number, the Records Officer can provide it; contact your Program Office, Region, or Center Records Officer.

Description of Record(s) or Information Requested:

If a single file is being requested, give the exact title of the file. If the entire box is being requested, enter the box number and the titles of the first and last folders in the box. For example:

Box 1 (folders Atlanta thru Fairfax)


If you are requesting an individual folder, enter the following in the section titled "Remarks:"

Do Not Send Entire Box

If you are requesting the entire box, enter the following in the section titled "Remarks:"

Please Send Entire Box

Nature of Service:

If you wish to have the records sent to you, mark the box "Temporary Loan of Records". If you wish to view the records at the FRC reading room, mark the box "Review." Other services, such as withdrawing records permanently, furnishing copies of the records only, or requesting temporary loan of the records, should be coordinated through the Headquarters Records Officer.

Name of Requestor:

Give the name of the Agency staff person in your program requesting the records.

Telephone No.:

Give the telephone number of the Agency staff person requesting the records.

Name and Address of Agency:

Complete this section as follows:

Federal Aviation Administration

(Your program's name, mail code, and room number)
(Your building name)
(Your complete address including zip code)

Always use the exact address for your particular office/building, including your zip code, and also include your room number. The FRC returns records to the address listed on the OF-11 using United Parcel Service (UPS). UPS will deliver the records directly to your room.

Retrieving the Records

To prevent unauthorized access to records, the FRC maintains a list of Agency staff authorized to request retrievals. Each OF-11 must be signed by an authorized person, such as the Headquarters Records Officer or the Records Management Officer, before the FRC will honor the request. Contact your Program Office, Region, or Center Records Officer for more information.

Once the form has been signed by the "Name of Requester," the form should be hand-delivered to your Records Management Officer. Normally, the FRC can have the records ready within 24 hours from the time they receive the request. Records are normally returned to the Agency via UPS delivery.

Returning Records to the Federal Records Center

To ensure that each box or individually retrieved file is properly refiled you should enclose a copy of the OF-11 used to retrieve the file or box.

Contact your Program Office, Region, or Center Records Officer for more information.