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General Aviation Joint Steering Committee


The General Aviation Joint Steering Committee (GAJSC) is a government-industry group that manages efforts to reduce fatal general aviation accidents. The GAJSC meets about four times a year to review GA accident trends, establish areas for special emphasis, and share information.

The GAJSC conducts its work through three subgroups:

  • Personal/Sport Aviation: This subgroup oversees multiple accident mitigation strategies related to weather, controlled flight into terrain (CFIT), and aeronautical decision-making.
  • Technically Advanced Aircraft/Automation: The TAA/Automation Subgroup monitors the introduction of new GA aircraft designs and new avionics, which have increased the feasibility of using these aircraft for personal transportation.
  • Turbine Aircraft Operations: The Turbine Aircraft Operators Subgroup works to mitigate accidents in the nonscheduled Part 135 sector and to proactively address safety issues arising from the introduction of very light jets (VLJs).

In addition to the three subgroups, the GAJSC's General Aviation Data Improvement Team oversees the annual GA activity survey and analyzes accidents in each sector.

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