Full deployment to remaining Flight Standards offices

  • SAS Phase II A Deployment will conclude December 2015

SASO/SAS Development and Deployment

  • SASO Phase II B Planning underway
    • Transition the certification and surveillance of 14 CFR Part 141, 142, and 147 schools to System Safety based oversight “SAS”
    • Improve risk assessment capabilities with a risk assessment model that allows for comparing risk levels on Certificate Holders
    • Collaborate and share data and tools with industry stakeholders/service providers for CFR parts 121, 135, and 145
    • Develop educational materials and support systems for an outreach effort to engage the Aviation Industry/Stakeholders in Safety Management / System Safety
    • For FAA Internal oversight activities: Integrate the Certification Services Oversight Process (CSOP); Provide a means to better coordinate and consolidate repair station assessments to limit the number of visits to repair stations; Incorporate PTRS activity recording and include planning and tracking of all work activities (Certification, Surveillance, Investigations etc.)