SMS development for Air Operators, MROs and Training Organizations can be furthered by using some core documents and tools. The list (and links) below highlight the base documents, as well as other helpful material and resources.

SMS includes the four Components and 12 Elements, with respective processes. The guidance material and tools highlight functional requirements, design expectations and performance objectives. PowerPoint presentations are listed and linked below, and an SMS Video is available, providing specific, relatable examples of how an SMS can be applied to aviation in simple and complex operational environments.

  • AC 120-92A (PDF) — Safety Management Systems for Aviation Service Providers
  • Voluntary SMS Implementation Guidance (see also SMS Pilot Projects section)
  • InFO Bulletins; FAA Information for Operators, regarding SMS
    • InFO 11010 (PDF) – FAA SMS Developments for General Aviation (GA)
    • InFO 08022 (PDF) – FAA SMS Developments, No. 1
    • InFO 08053 (PDF) – FAA SMS Developments, No. 2
  • Tools specific to Air Operators, MROs, and Training Organizations developing an SMS
  • What's New in SMS

Contact information for Operators, MROs, and Training Organizations