Pat McNallMs. McNall became the FAA's Chief Acquisition Officer and acquisition executive at the start of 2011. Before that she was the FAA's Assistant Chief Counsel for Acquisition and Commercial Law. In her 28-year FAA career, Ms. McNall's principal practice has been in the area of Government contracts, but she has served in various other positions, including Acting Deputy Assistant Administrator for Policy, Planning and International Aviation, Deputy Assistant Chief Counsel for FAA's Technical Center, Special Assistant to the Chief Counsel, and acting Deputy Director for the FAA's Office of Acquisitions. In 1995, Ms. McNall worked with a Blue Ribbon Panel of acquisition experts and attorneys to create a new acquisition management system for the FAA. In late 1993, she served as Co-Chair of the Budget and Finance Working Group as part of the Department of Transportation's initiative to create an Air Traffic Control Corporation.

She has received numerous awards including a National Performance Review "Hammer" award from the Vice-President, the Federal Bar Association's Transportation Lawyer of the Year, the Secretary's "Gold Medal" award, Outstanding Attorney at FAA for the year, Logistics Service Award, Quality Action Team awards, and numerous Special Achievement Awards.

In 1985, Ms. McNall earned her J.D. from George Washington University. In 1982 she studied law, foreign trade and Chinese language through a Columbia University program held at the Shanghai Law Institute. She also holds a M.A. (1982) in Economics and International Relations from the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Relations, and a B.A. (1979) in International Relations and Asian Studies from Scripps College.