Fanny Rivera Fanny Rivera is the Assistant Administrator for Civil Rights for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). In that capacity, she is the principal advisor to the Administrator on agency civil rights, equal employment opportunity, managing diversity and affirmative action matters. Ms. Rivera also serves as FAA's diversity advocate and leads the agency's efforts to create a positive environment that supports and encourages the contribution of all employees. In addition, she leads the efforts to ensure the elimination of unlawful discrimination in federally operated and assisted FAA transportation programs at airports.

Prior to her assignment as Assistant Administrator, Ms. Rivera served as Deputy Assistant Administrator for Information Technology. She began her career in federal service in 1973 with the Office of Personnel Management in New York. Eleven years later, she joined FAA's Eastern Region Human Resource Management Division, later heading up that region's Civil Rights office.

Upon graduating from the agency's senior executive service candidate development program, Ms. Rivera was selected Deputy Regional Administrator for the Western-Pacific Region. In that capacity, she shared in the responsibility for the general management of a region with a population of approximately 5,700 employees comprised of California, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii and the U.S. territories and possessions in the Pacific Rim. She also acted as Regional Administrator for that region, prior to accepting the Office of Information Technology position in headquarters.

Throughout her 32-year career, Ms. Rivera has been recognized with numerous awards for outstanding agency contributions, including: the Secretary of Transportation's Meritorious Achievement Award, the FAA Administrator's Award for Excellence in Equal Employment Opportunity, the FAA National Black Coalition President's Award, the Link Award for Construction of the Southern California TRACON, the GSA Award for Leadership during the Los Angeles Civil Uprising, a Citizen Citation from the City of Baltimore, FAA GLOBE's Civil Rights Leadership Award, the FAA National Hispanic Coalition President's Award, and the Secretary of Transportation "Find the Good and Praise It" Award for her work with the DOT Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program.

Ms. Rivera holds a master's degree in mathematics from the University of Miami.