Added as a part of the Flight Standards Service (AFS) Organization in 1971, the Aircraft Evaluation Group (AEG) contributes an operational perspective to engineering activities and identifies applicable operating regulations. AEGs have aviation safety inspectors who specialize in operations, maintenance or avionics. In certification projects, a primary responsibility of the AEGs is to evaluate, as appropriate, the:

  • Aircraft, engine or propeller and associated systems for operational relevance
  • Flight crew type rating requirements (Flight Standardization Board)
  • Minimum equipment required for dispatch (Flight Operations Evaluation Board)
  • Continued airworthiness (Maintenance Review Board)
  • Review and acceptance of Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICAs)

Through the evaluation processes conducted by the AEGs, manufacturers of affected Aircraft Certification Offices (ACOs) are made aware of operating rules that might impact design so they can deliver a service-ready aircraft, engine or propeller. The AEGs provide consultation, coordination, and assistance to the certification project managers in certification programs and development of Airworthiness Directives (ADs). Among other things, the AEGs also participate, as required, in developing guidance for:

  • Aging aircraft
  • Cargo operation
  • Flight crew sleeping quarters

Aircraft Certification Service (AIR) has four certification directorates:

  • Small Airplane
  • Transport Airplane
  • Rotorcraft
  • Engine or propeller

A specific AEG office supports each certification directorate. Each AEG reports to the Flight Standards Division in the region in which the directorate resides.