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Citadel International, Orlando, FL 32822-5023

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Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Appointments: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Office visits by appointment only (24 hour advance notice).


Until further notice, the Orlando Flight Standards District Office has discontinued providing the following services.
  1. CFI Renewals*
  2. Private Pilot Certificate Based on Foreign Certificate**
  3. Military Competency
  4. SIC type rating applications
  5. SOE restriction removals
  6. Restricted ATP limitation removal
  7. Student pilot certificates (seeking Private or Sport privileges)
  8. Ground Instructor applications (Basic, Advanced and Instrument)

  • *CFI Renewals based on Duties and Responsibilities: Per FAA Guidance, a renewal based on Duties and Responsibilities still requires FAA Inspector action. The following are examples of renewals based on Duties and Responsibilities:
    • Company Check Pilot
    • Company Check Airman
    • Chief Flight Instructor
  • **Private Pilot Certificate Based on Foreign Certificate: An FAA certificate issued on the basis of your foreign license is now referred to a DPE.
    Verification of Authenticity of a Foreign License/Medical (FAA Letter of Authenticity)
  • To locate a DPE, an airman can visit the following website and select:
    • MCFPE – Military Competency / Foreign Pilot Examiner
    • SO15 – Orlando FLT STD DST Office or any office location

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