Audit and Analysis Staff

  • Performs the audit and investigative functions of and is the primary focal point for the investigation of safety disclosures, as well as for internal and external whistleblower disclosures.
  • Serves as the focal point for the coordination and approval of FAA responses to DOT-OIG, GAO, and OSC audits and investigations.
  • Tracks the implementation of corrective actions identified in the course of both internal and external audits and investigations of FAA programs and organizations.

Intervention and Evaluation Staff

  • Provides conflict intervention services and training for FAA employees and managers.
  • Works closely with AGC, ACR, AHR, and AHA to ensure that workplace conflicts are resolved in a manner most beneficial to the organization and affected employees.
  • Provides assistance to managers and employees for informal mediation and intervention services.

Reporting and Data Analysis Staff

  • Operates the consolidated FAA Hotlines, which includes analyzing hotline submissions, coordinating the investigation with other AAE staff offices, and ensuring that they are properly investigated by the appropriate FAA organization(s).
  • Evaluates hotline data for safety trends and provides this information to the appropriate FAA lines of business.