The Office of Budget ensures the agency identifies and defines budgetary needs and uses funds and other resources effectively.

It also makes sure the integration of performance and budget plans successfully meets all milestones set forth in the Budget and Performance Integration initiative under the President’s Management Agenda (PMA).

Portfolio of Goals FY 2011 (PDF)

Portfolio of Goals FY 2010 (PDF)

The Office of Budget performs the following functions:

  • Develops agency budgetary policies, standards, systems, and procedures for:
    • Multi-year programming
    • Budget estimates and justifications
    • Allowances
    • Allotments and apportionments
    • Special budget controls
  • Oversees OMB Circular A-76, Performance of Commercial Activities for the agency.
  • Provides audit liaison services between the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), and the General Accountability Office (GAO)
  • Provides corporate management and support for performance goals analysis and planning
  • Ensures performance goals results are accurately documented and reported in both the DOT Performance and Accountability Report (PAR) and the FAA PAR
  • Provides corporate management and support to agency business planning
  • Oversees the Federal Activities Inventory Reform (FAIR) Act for the agency.