The Office of the Center Counsel provides legal advice to all elements of the FAA which are located at the William J. Hughes Technical Center. It also represents those elements in all administrative hearings and provides assistance to the United States Attorney’s Office, the Department of Justice, and the Office of Dispute Resolution. The attorneys provide advice and information to all of the Regional and Headquarters offices on matters relating to intellectual property, research and development grants and cooperative research and development agreements. They also provide advice to all elements at the Technical Center on a wide range of issues including: federal procurement, real estate, employment, discrimination, environmental, intellectual property and tort and personal property claims.

The Center Counsel is the designated ethics official for all elements at the Technical Center. He is responsible for reviewing the employee's confidential financial disclosure statements and for providing advice and training on the Standards of Conduct for federal employees.

The Technical Center is the agency’s key research, development, test and evaluation facility. The aviation research focus is on air traffic management, communications, navigation and surveillance, airports, aircraft safety and aviation security. Its unique facilities include: air traffic control laboratories and an air traffic simulation facility; a human factors laboratory; weather laboratories; a fleet of specially instrumented aircraft, ranging in size from small planes to helicopters and large transports; the world’s largest full-scale aviation fire test facility; a chemistry laboratory; an impact test facility; radar test laboratories; the National Airport Pavement Test Facility; and an aviation security laboratory.

In addition to the Technical Center organization itself, the following elements are also located at the facility.

  • Air Traffic Control Engineering & Test Division, Air Traffic Control Tower (Atlantic City), AEA
  • Airport and Aircraft Safety Research and Development Division,
  • Airway Operational Support Division,
  • FAA Office of Security and Investigations,
  • Communications, Navigation, and Surveillance Division,
  • Flight Inspection Field Office, FIFO
  • National Airspace System Engineering and Analysis Division,
  • National En Route Automation Division,
  • Office of Independent Operational Test and Evaluation,
  • Terminal Air Traffic Business Unit,

Other organizations which are also located at the Technical Center are:

  • United States Coast Guard Group-Air Station Atlantic City
  • Air National Guard 177th Fighter Wing
  • Atlantic City International Airport
  • Federal Air Marshals
  • Transportation Security Laboratory, TSL-1