Office of the Chief Counsel
800 Independence Avenue SW
Washington, DC 20591
(202) 267-5158 Telephone
(202) 267-5106 Fax
AGC Phone Directory
Name Position
  Peter J. Lynch Assistant Chief Counsel
  Susan S. Caron Manager, Appellate Practice
  Joseph A. Conte Manager, Special Emphasis Enforcement
  James A. Barry Senior Attorney
  Michael F. McKinley Senior Attorney
  Charles Raley Senior Attorney
  Agnes M. Rodriguez Senior Attorney
  Amanda K. Bruchs Attorney
  Casey Gardner Attorney
  Jessica Kabaz-Gomez Attorney
  Autumn Killingham Attorney
  Cole Milliard Attorney
  Mike Stuart Attorney
  Patricia D. Walenga Program Analyst
  Donna M. Davis Program Support Analyst
  Francisco Felix Paralegal Specialist
  Brian Booth Legal Assistant