Citizenship Requirements

You must be a U.S. citizen.

Security Background Investigation

You must qualify for a Secret or Top Secret clearance. Security background investigations that include credit history checks and a review of criminal record history are required when you are considered for a position.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

You are subject to a pre-employment drug screening and future random drug and/or alcohol screenings while employed in a covered position.

Financial Disclosure and Restrictions

You must file a financial disclosure statement within 30 days of beginning your employment. Our policy limits certain outside employment, activities and financial interests as summarized below:

  • You, your spouse and your minor children are prohibited (regardless of your position or grade) from holding stock or any other securities interest in an airline or aircraft manufacturing company or in a supplier of components or parts to an airline or aircraft manufacturing company (5 C.F.R. Section 6001.104)
  • Outside aviation-related employment is limited by agency policy.
  • You must not work for an employer that is subject to official contact by your FAA office or facility
  • Your spouse¬ís or other household member¬ís aviation-related employment or continuing interests or benefits from a past aviation-related employer may be cause for limits to your own employment duties and responsibilities.