We are actively searching for well-qualified U.S. citizens for exciting international assignments with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

About the ICAO

The ICAO is a United Nations (UN) organization dedicated to increasing the safety and security of international civil aviation. It addresses basic issues ranging from air navigation and capacity to environmental concerns.

About the Job

ICAO positions are primarily located in Montreal, Canada. Jazz, opera, ballet, film festivals, skiing, and auto racing are among the many choices for entertainment or cultural activities in this vibrant city. A few of the job's attractions include the diverse working environment, 6 weeks of annual leave, exemption from U.S. and Canadian taxes, and reimbursement of educational expenses for your dependent children. A recruitment incentive allowance was recently approved to ensure that FAA employees who return to employment in the agency are fairly compensated for your years of service with ICAO.

What about the salary and benefits?

Salaries, benefits, and allowances under the UN personnel system are similar to those offered to employees who transfer to FAA overseas positions. The salary is quoted as net pay free of tax in ICAO job announcements.

Additional questions?

Contact us for additional information or questions about ICAO opportunities or the UN personnel system.