Relocation Allowances

Travel and Transportation

  • Travel and per diem paid for internationally recruited professional staff and your eligible dependents on appointments that require travel to the duty station.
  • Staff and your eligible family members travel by air (economy class unless flight exceeds nine hours). The cost of travel is based on flying by most direct route, not based on surface travel.
  • You are reimbursed for the transportation of household goods and personal property limited to 18,000 lbs. gross weight for you and your dependents or 10,800 lbs. gross weight for you alone if your assignment is two years or more at Headquarters duty stations (Montreal or Paris).
  • You have the option to exercise the same amounts as those quoted for Headquarters duty stations if you appointment is two years or more at regional offices. You may also opt for a limited shipment of personal property as follows: 2,000 lbs. net weight for yourself, 1000 lbs. net weight for your 1st dependent, and 660 lbs. net weight for each of your additional dependents that qualify.

Benefits Available at Post

Assignment Grant

  • Internationally recruited staff members are eligible for a daily subsistence allowance for the first thirty days after your arrival at post. Your eligible dependents get half the amount allowed to you. Allowance rates vary by duty station.
  • If you opted for limited removal to one of the regional offices, then the grant is supplemented by a lump sum payment.

Post Adjustment

  • A post adjustment is added to your salary to ensure that salaries of professionals have the same purchasing power at all duty stations.

Rental Subsidy

  • Internationally recruited staff may qualify for payment of rental subsidy subject to eligibility.
  • Rental subsidy payments begin after the first 30 days of your assignment (after the daily subsistence allowance is paid) regardless of duty station.
  • Rental subsidy is paid for a maximum of seven years to employees stationed in Europe and North America.
  • Qualifying criteria vary in each regional office.

Dependency Allowance

  • Your net salary and post adjustment are paid at the dependent rate if your spouse qualifies as being financially dependent on you.
  • A dependency allowance may be paid at the rate of $1,936 (US dollars) per annum for each dependent child.
  • $693 (US dollars) may be paid, subject to eligibility, for one secondary dependent (parent, brother or sister) provided no allowance is paid for a dependent spouse.

Pension Fund

  • Participation in the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund is mandatory after beginning employment under an appointment for 6 months or longer or on accepting such an appointment while in employment. You contribute 7.9 percent of pension payment and ICAO contributes 15.8 percent.
  • You are eligible for the United Nations retirement benefit if you are the normal retirement age (62) and your contributory service was five years or longer. You get a withdrawal settlement in the Pension Fund if youÂ’re less than the normal retirement age (62) or if you are the normal retirement age or but are not entitled to a retirement benefit on separation from ICAO. The withdrawal settlement consists of your contributions with accrued interests.
  • At the Director level, you may opt not to participate in the pension fund. ICAO pays you an amount equal to the amount it would have contributed to the UN Pension fund on a monthly basis instead.

Education Grant Travel

  • The grant is paid for children of internationally recruited staff in full time attendance at school up to the end of the fourth year of post-secondary studies or the award of first recognized degree (up to age 25)
  • The grant is set at 75 percent of the cost of tuition and board up to US $9,750/year
  • A flat sum of $3,373 is paid within the maximum grant of $9,750 if board is not provided
  • The flat sum is not paid if your dependent attends school at the duty station
  • The grant allows one round trip each scholastic year from school to duty station by an approved route and mode of transportation (least costly airfare available). This privilege is subject to cost limitation between duty station and place of home
  • For each disabled child unable to attend a normal education institution, the grant is 100 percent of expenses incurred up to US $13,000 maximum.


  • Headquarters staff participates in the Quebec Medical Insurance Plan. ICAO pays the premium.
  • There is an optional group medical and dental insurance plan. The premiums are based on a single or family plan. ICAO subsidizes 35 percent of the premium.
  • Group medical insurance plans are available to Headquarter and Regional Office staff
  • You are required to have medical insurance coverage.
  • An optional group life insurance plan is available to all employees with a contract of 6 months or more.

Mobility and Hardship Allowance

  • The Mobility and Hardship Allowance encourages mobility and compensates for hardship and the lack of a shipment of personal property and household goods.
  • There are three components to this allowance:
    • An amount that varies according to the number of assignments
    • An amount that reflects the varying degree of hardship on those assignments
    • An amount that compensates staff for the lack of a household goods shipment
  • The mobility element is the only element that is paid at HQ duty stations on the 4th or 5th assignment after other criteria are met.

  • This grant ranges from a minimum of three months salary to a maximum of nine months based on your years of service.
  • The salary is paid to your surviving spouse or dependent children if you die in service.

Leave & Holidays


  • Ten or eleven official holidays per calendar year are designated for each duty station.
  • Holidays are not charged to annual leave and their timing varies according to local conditions and customs.

Annual Leave

  • You earn thirty days a year.