Technical Operations- Collegiate Training Initiative (TO-CTI) formerly known as the Airway Facilities Collegiate Training Initiative (AF-CTI) hires students from FAA approved colleges and trade schools for entry-level positions in support of the following jobs:

  • Airway Transportation Systems Specialist (Job Series 2101)
  • Computer Systems Specialist (Job Series 0334)
  • Electronics Engineer (Job Series 0855)
  • Electronic Technician (Job Series 0856)
  • Environmental Protection Specialist (Job Series 0028)
  • Engineering Technician (Job Series 0802)
  • General Engineer (Job Series 0801)

How do I apply?

Contact the TO-CTI Institutions directly to get more information on applying.

What can I expect once I'm hired?

Expect to advance your education and career in automation, communication, environmental, navigation and radar certification at the FAA Academy.

FAA Approved Colleges and Trade Schools