Larry GrossmanLarry Grossman is the Program Director for the Office of IT Optimization in the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) William J. Hughes Technical Center, Pomona, N.J.

The Office of IT Optimization is an FAA-wide resource to assist with identifying solutions to difficult data management and information technology (IT) integration problems. Currently IT Optimization manages the development of the National Airspace System (NAS) Adaptation Support Environment (NASE), the agency's IT asset management program, IT hardware and software commodity procurements, server consolidation, and will assist all lines of business with resolving issues around data management and integration..

Grossman's prior assignment was as Assistant Information System Security Manager for the Air Traffic Organization (ATO). In this position he oversaw ISS activities for NAS and mission support systems and managed multiple remediation deployments. In addition he was responsible for coordinating ISS activities across the agency's business units, and act as a coordination point for other government entities to assure the integrity of the NAS. Some of these activities included completing certification and authorization of all mission critical information systems, scanning infrastructure for vulnerabilities, and leveraging enterprise protection solutions.

Grossman joined the FAA in 1991 as a computer scientist in the En Route Engineering and Field Support branch. In this position he led the field support group who managed the Direct Access Radar Channel (DARC), who developed and delivered continuous system enhancements required to maintain functional alignment with the Prime Channel. In 1995, he was selected as Program Manager for the DARC and there he managed the design of a highly efficient modernization of the DARC automation system.

In September 2001 Grossman was reassigned to work with the rapidly changing information security programs where urgent NAS ISS remediation deployments required assistance.

An avid aviation enthusiast, Grossman holds a commercial pilot certificate, ASEL/AMEL/CFII/MEI and travels in his own aircraft when ever possible.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in computer science from the Richard Stockton State College.