Federal Aviation Administration

Sharon Diane Williams, AOT-200

Program Director, IT Applications

Sharon WilliamsSharon Williams is the Program Director for the Information Technology (IT) Applications Division, AOT-200 in Washington, DC. Her office supports the Director of Information Optimization in providing application standards, processes, policy, strategy and consolidated support for enterprise applications.

Prior to joining the FAA, Ms. Williams was an Information Technology Customer Advocate at the Government Printing Office where she lead major agency integrated projects and provided strategies and methodologies to improve Information Technology business processes between the business units and the IT organization. She also served as Chief of the E-Applications Management Division at the Department of Interior’s National Business Center. During her tenure at the National Business Center, Ms. Williams led web application product development and management efforts, successfully launching new products necessary to support sales activities and strategic growth in the organization. Ms. Williams' corporate experience includes serving as an executive officer of a small IT company called Promedisys, and serving as an Oracle Consultant on a major Northrop Grumman contract for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Ms. Williams holds a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from Rutgers University and holds Oracle DBA and application development certifications.

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