The Value Management Office (VMO) is a virtual office, identified in the FAA's Acquisition Management System, comprised of FAA employees, distributed among the Office of the CIO (AIO), the Budget Office (ABA/ABU), and the Air Traffic Organization (ATO), possessing competencies necessary to prepare the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Exhibit 300s (e.g., business case development, program management, alternatives analysis, earned value management, acquisition management/contracts and budgeting and facilitation).

The VMO is accountable to its stakeholders by preparing strong IT business cases for major agency IT programs, and assuring its stakeholders that the agency is a capable steward of its IT capital budget. The VMO's mission is to strengthen the FAA's IT business cases and improve the processes of how the FAA selects, controls and evaluates its capital investments, resulting in maximum value of the FAA's investments while minimizing risk.

The VMO is authorized by the IT Executive Board and is responsible for managing the annual cycle for the development of OMB Exhibit 300s in support of the yearly budget submission and Joint Resources Council (JRC) review. The VMO is responsible for providing guidance to Program Managers on changes and updates to the Exhibit 300 process; offer feedback and assessments on the sections that they are assigned to review as subject matter experts; and assist in the remediation of Exhibits that have scored poorly, or received feedback from OMB during the passback.

POC: Joe Miller