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In January 2008 Acting Administrator Sturgell released a memo in which he tasked the Assistant Secretary for Information (AIO) and Chief Information Officer (CIO) with leading three major Information Technology (IT) initiatives. Among those was the establishment of a Video Conferencing Organization (VCO) that would combine the video conferencing assets of the ATO and AVS and create a unified, single FAA-wide provider of video conferencing services.

AIO has established a video conferencing organization and has signed several Memorandums of Agreements to provide video conferencing service and support. This includes the planned roll-out and installation of video conferencing equipment in each FAA Regional Office, Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center and the New Jersey Technical Center.

The newly created FAA Video Conferencing Organization (VCO) has signed an MOA with the DOT Chief Information Officer by which it will provide video conferencing services within other DOT agencies. Currently the FAA Video Conferencing Organization is providing video conferencing service and technical support to the DOT RITA organization under a Service Level Agreement signed in early 2008.

One of the major goals of the FAA Video Conferencing Organization is to create a video conferencing culture by which video conferencing resources are available for general use by FAA employees. In support of this goal the AIO has been working with ARC and will soon establish a new general purpose video conferencing room in each of the Washington DC headquarters buildings.

The FAA VCO is available to assist the lines of businesses (LOBs) and staff offices (SO) by identifying and analyzing their communication needs for the purpose of engineering the most appropriate, cost effective and standards based video telecommunication solution. This service, in conjunction with the operational services the VCO provides such as the monitoring and maintenance of endpoints (i.e., customer facing equipment) and its underlying infrastructure, is a part of an overall strategy to improve the customer’s video conferencing experience and to reduce costs. Additionally, with the involvement of stakeholders, the VCO is developing a customer service framework and service delivery model that will ensure all customers receive responsive, consistent, and dependable front-line support for their video conferencing needs.

The FAA VCO is also available to assist customers with establishing complex video conferences - such as those that involve more than four sites - and with problems that cannot be solved by the local helpdesk.

If you want to know more about how the VCO can assist your LOB/SO, please contact the Program Office via eMail (9-AWA-AIO-AOT-VCO) or telephone (202) 493-4570.