The Information and Data Management Program provides a framework to guide, support and promote integrating data management principles systematically into the FAA’s new and evolving information systems and processes. The program invokes the principles of information stewardship as well as data architecture, data registration, data standardization, data certification, and data life-cycle management. It is supported by the FAA Order 1375.1E Information/Data Management (PDF) identifying information as a critical resource that must be managed accordingly. The Program supports a collaborative approach with the lines of business and staff offices (LOB’s/SO’s) in practicing sound data management principles and processes.

The program is being implemented through seven major initiatives and supporting efforts:

  • Data Governance
  • Information and Data Architecture
    • FAA Enterprise Data Architecture (EDA)
    • FAA Information Architecture
  • Information Stewardship
    • Information Stewardship Working Group
  • Metadata Management
    • Data Registry
    • Data Standardization
  • Data Context Support
    • Classification Schemes to support Document Management
    • FAA Taxonomy
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Support
    • Services Registry Working Group
  • Information/Data Tool Suite
    • Federal Data Registry (FDR)
    • International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
    • International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard 11179 – Metadata Registries (MDR)

More information is given on each of these initiatives and supporting efforts in the Information and Data Management Strategy (2007).

POC: Rick Jordan, (781) 238-7372
          Mojdeh Supola, (202) 385-8022