Message from 2020 Program Manager, John Raper

Welcome to the 2020 Program website. Our team is pleased to share information, highlights and benefits of our contract vehicle. We are committed to continually improving our program and our customer's contracting experience, and we welcome your suggestions- either to improve this website, our communications to you, or the program in general. Please send any comments and suggestions through our Contact Us page and a team member will be in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

Who We Are

The 2020 Program is managed by FAA's NAS Business Solutions Division (NBS) and serves as a critical component to the success of NAS-wide management. Our goal is to ensure that FAA customers and stakeholders have the necessary scientific, engineering and technical resources to support FAA's mission to provide a safe and secure air transportation system. We look forward to continuing to do our part to support NextGen and other key FAA initiatives that are advancing air transportation and ensuring our nation's flights are as safe, secure and hassle-free as possible.

The 2020 organization is structured to handle two primary functions:

  • Business Operations: This function handles the management of task orders through the entire life cycle. This begins with our unique engagement process with customers to originate task orders and carries through contract management and closeout to ensure core business requirements have been met.
  • Business Management: This function provides the financial and technical expertise that supports the day to day tactical operations. This takes a strategic, long term focus to ensure the Program Office is operating as efficiently as possible to successfully support its customers, vendors, partners and the Agency.

What We Do

The 2020 program manages a portfolio of contracts providing professional and technical support services for research, analysis, systems engineering, and integration for the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) and non-NextGen initiatives. The portfolio consists of seven contracts (including small business set-aside contracts) awarded in 2010 with a period of performance that potentially spans ten years (through 2020) with a contract ceiling of $7.3 Billion.

The portfolio of contracts were awarded in two major categories: Research and Mission Analysis (R&MA) and Systems Engineering (SE). Through these contracts, our seven prime vendors and their teams provide access to Research, Systems Engineering, Investment and Business Case Analysis, Planning, Forecasting and Business/Financial/Information Management & Technical Support Services.

2020 Program Overview (PDF)