As the business solution for NextGen, 2020 provides access to the right talent, resources, and laboratory facilities to allow our FAA customers to develop the full suite of NAS-related capabilities. We have a team of advisors ready to assist our customers in defining their requirements, determining if their efforts qualify for 2020 services, and guiding our customers through the process from initiation to award. Contact Us to learn more.

2020 Benefits at a Glance

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  • Breadth of Support
    • A unique characteristic of 2020 is that it provides professional and technical support services in the areas of Research and Mission Analysis, Systems Engineering, Investment and Business Case Analysis, Planning, Forecasting, and Business/Financial/Information Management.
  • Portfolio Approach:
    • 2020 was designed with NextGen in mind, providing a clearing-house of the talent and resources needed to achieve the NextGen mission.
    • The innovative and centralized portfolio approach enables operational synergies, allowing for better integration of projects and reduced duplication of efforts.
  • Industry Talent and Resources:
    • Through its approach of complementary vendor teams, 2020 offers access to the best and brightest in industry today and further facilitates small business participation.
    • 2020 is set up to enable task assignments to be awarded to multiple vendors, bringing unique independent perspectives into the Agency at the best value for our customers. 2020 also offers access to a full range of laboratory facilities, tools and other technical resources.
  • Experienced Team:
    • The 2020 Leadership and Program Office is made up of highly qualified professionals with years of technical, business and contract management experience.
    • We provide our customers with a dedicated team of advisors to guide them through the process from initiation-to-award. A benefit of using 2020 is that each customer is provided an experienced Engagement Team Advisor to assist in defining the statement of work, preparing the IGCE, and answering any questions from requirements through task order award.
  • Fiscal Stewardship and Governance:
    • 2020 offers economies of scale by providing a portfolio of contracts delivering the most comprehensive breadth of support from concept up to full scale development. This decreases the need to establish future vehicles and directly reduces Agency contract management and administration costs.
    • The 2020 contract vehicle is set up to ensure strict adherence to the Acquisition Management System (AMS), incentivizing vendors to deliver quality products and services on time and on budget.
    • 2020 offers its customers the ability to compete work, ensuring the best value and talent for your investment.