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Q: I am an FAA Internal Customer; how do I know if my work qualifies for 2020 services?

A: Work that is consistent with the products and services outlined in either category to support NextGen and non-NextGen initiatives may qualify for 2020 services. Note that 2020 does not include full scale development, maintenance and operations of NAS systems, or work that provides support services to a Program Office that fields and maintains NAS systems. You may refer to the 2020 R&MA and SE Contracts page for examples of Products & Services that 2020 supports.

Please contact us- we'd be happy to review your requirements with you and determine whether your work qualifies for the 2020 contract vehicle.

Q: How long does it take to get a task order awarded on 2020?

A: Our time to award averages 8-12 weeks, depending on the complexity of task order requirements and whether a competition or directed award is determined. Please contact one of our Engagement Advisors to learn more.

Q: I am an FAA Internal Customer; how do I get started on 2020 and what is the process?

A: 2020 has a dedicated team of advisors to assist our customers through the entire process from engagement and Task Order Request Package (TORP) development all the way through Task Order Award and Contract Management Support. See the 2020 Life Cycle Graphic for an overview.

The Task Order Pre-Award process consists of five primary steps. Our customers are guided through each step by an experienced Engagement Team Advisor assigned to their effort. We have recently made many process improvements that simplify and shorten the Award and Task Order management process, so contact an Engagement Advisor today to learn more.

  1. TORP Development
  2. Adjudication
  3. CO Review
  4. Vendor Negotiation and Review
  5. Award

Hands-on customer support continues throughout the Task Order Award life cycle, and we provide orientation and guidance to our customers on all the key areas of Task Order Management:

  1. TO Management
    1. TO MODS
    2. PIV Requests
    3. GFI/GFE Support
    4. TO Closeout
  2. TO Financial Management
    1. Invoicing
    2. Travel/ODCs/Training Pre-Authorization
    3. Financial Management (CUFF Records)
    4. PR/Funding Process
  3. Performance Monitoring
    1. TO Deliverable Monitoring
    2. TO Performance Monitoring (TPM)

2020 Task Order Life Cycle (Please Click The Graphic To Enlarge)

Q: I am a Vendor interested in working with the FAA through a 2020 contract vehicle; how can I get involved?

A: Contracts have already been awarded to the seven prime vendors and their teams. Please contact the 2020 prime vendors for available partnering opportunities. For a complete list of prime vendors please refer to the Research and Mission Analysis or Systems Engineering pages on this website.

2020 Task Order Life Cycle

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