Showcase 2012

The 2020 Showcase 2012 was an interactive forum showcasing new technology and capabilities supporting NextGen and NAS Programs.

Photos from the Event

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Here are some of the projects highlighted by 2020 customers and vendors at the Showcase. Click here to view a condensed project list.Click here to view a condensed project list.

4D Advanced Arrivals

Customer: ANG-C
TOR: Dr. Charles Buntin
Vendor: Boeing

Greener Skies Initiative

Customer: ANG-3
TOR: Dr. Minh Nguyen
Vendor: Boeing

Supporting the Transformation of the Federal Aviation Administration's Infrastructure

Customer: Requirements Services Division, NAS Enterprise Architecture and Concept of Operations Services Division, Engineering Services Business Operations Division, Advanced Operational Concepts Division, NextGen Facilities, Flight Program Team, NAS EA and Concept Operations Services Division, Interagency Portfolio and System Analysis Division, Advanced Operational Concepts Division
Vendor: Booz Allen Hamilton

Investment Management

Customer: Shared Services Joint Resource Council Investment Process Management Division
TOR: Darrell Wyrick
Vendor: CSSI, Inc.

NAS System Safety and Information

Customer: Safety Information Security Services Division
TOR: John F. Snow
Vendor: CSSI, Inc.

Portfolio and Program Execution

Customer: NAS Lifecycle Integration Office
TOR: Steven Bobby
Vendor: CSSI, Inc.

Simulation and Modeling

Customer: Advanced Concepts and Technology Development Technology Development and Prototyping Division
TOR: Danielle Murray
Vendor: CSSI, Inc.

Forecasting and Optimization

Customer: Aviation Weather Division
TOR: Jenny Colavito
Vendor: CSSI, Inc.

Infrastructure Management

Customer: NAS Requirements Services Division
TOR: John F. Snow
Vendor: CSSI, Inc.

Weather Technology in the Cockpit, Human Factors Research

Customer: Aviation Weather Group
TOR: Ian Johnson
Vendor: General Dynamics

Understanding Convective Weather Forecast Uncertainty Needs of ATM

Customer: Aviation Weather Division, Weather Research Branch
TOR: Jenny Colavito
Vendor: General Dynamics

Data Communications Conceptual Trials Demonstration and Support

Customer: AJM-34
TOR: Gregg Anderson
Vendor: ITT-Exelis

Integrated NAS Design and Procedure Planning

Customer: AJN-C5
TOR: David Buhrman
Vendor: ITT-Exelis

3rd Party Performance Based Navigation Procedure Development

Customer: Office of NextGen Technology Evaluations Branch
TOR: Jason Coon
Vendor: ITT-Exelis

System Wide Analysis Capability (SWAC)

Customer: ANG-31
TOR: James Bonn, Joseph Post
Vendor: Metron Aviation

Identification of Safety Procedures

Customer: AVP-2
TOR: Sherry Borener
Vendor: Metron Aviation

Surface Collaborative Decision Making

Customer: AJR-S
TOR: Steve Ryan
Vendor: Metron Aviation

Spectrum Alternatives Safety Assessment

Customer: Engineering Services Office
TOR: Rita Estrada-Cavallini
Vendor: TASC, Inc.

NAS Lifecycle Planning Support

Customer: NAS Lifecycle Planning Division
TOR: Diana Liang
Vendor: TASC, Inc.

NextGen Cost/Benefit Analysis Report

Customer: AJP-D (Systems, Analysis, NextGen and Operations Planning)
TOR: Duc Le
Vendor: TASC, Inc.

System Wide Information Management (SWIM) Investment Analysis Support

Customer: System Wide Information Management Group
TOR: Robert Klein
Vendor: TASC, Inc.

Analysis, Systems Engineering and Operations Research (ASEOR III)

Customer: Aeronautical Information Management and PMO
TOR: Daniel Gerecht and Robert McMullen
Vendor: TASC, Inc.

Collaborative Air Traffic Management Tools (CATMT) - Technical Assistance

Customer: Technical Analysis and Operational Requirements Group
TOR: Yong Li
Vendor: TASC, Inc.

Systems Engineering Integration

Customer: Enterprise System Integration
TOR: Scott Ginsburg
Vendor: TASC, Inc.

Human Factors Standards for Technical Publications Used in Technical Operations

Customer: NextGen Office of Advanced Concepts and Technology Development
TOR: Edmundo Sierra
Vendor: TASC, Inc.