Acting Manager

Eric Neiderman


Administrative Contact

Kristen Piotrowski


Person in protective suit observes a fire pit Two men observe the tires of a machine used to test pavement strength

Mission Statement

Develop scientific solutions to current and future air transportation challenges by conducting applied research and development in collaboration with industry, academia, and government.


Extend the Wright brother’s legacy of research and development to ensure maximal safety, efficiency, and environmental stewardship for the air transportation system.


  • Agility - Expeditiously conduct and apply research to provide solutions to safety, efficiency, and environmental challenges.
  • Strategy - Develop and pursue a strategic research vision to identify and resolve issues before they emerge.
  • Leadership - Lead the world in applied research and development for air transportation system evolution.
  • Learning - Invest in employee growth and future generations of researchers and practitioners.
  • Integrity and Stewardship - Act as stewards for scientific integrity and rigor for the National Airspace System.


Aviation Research Division Branches
Branch Branch Manager Phone
Fire Safety Branch Gus Sarkos 609-485-5620
Human Factors Branch Eric Neiderman 609-485-6389
Airport Technology R&D Branch Michel Hovan 609-485-6179
S/W & Systems Branch John Lapointe 609-485-4135
Structures & Propulsion Branch Kenneth Knopp 609-485-5693