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Administrative Contact

Helen Friedlander

Mission Statement

Provides facility maintenance and engineering support for all properties located at the William J. Hughes Technical Center including land, buildings, infrastructure, and support services that efficiently and effectively meets the requirements of organizations residing within the Campus.

Description of Work

The Center Operations Division provides facility operations and maintenance, engineering design and construction, and operational support services for all organizations and personnel residing on properties located at the William J. Hughes Technical Center. It is the responsibility of Center Operations to provide a safe, healthy, and secure work environment while operating, maintaining and enhancing the Technical Center's support infrastructure (buildings, roads, utilities, and land). We are committed to ensuring campus compliance to environmental laws, policies, directives, and initiatives and we manage our cross-agency relationships through support agreements and land permits. Center Operations is also responsible for the internal audits and quality management systems for FAA's ISO certified organizations, providing logistics support to all FAA residents, and producing award winning videos, exhibits, displays, and graphics that document the technical work performed within the William J. Hughes Technical Center campus.



Branch Branch Manager Phone
Organizational Development & Support Services Carolyn McKinney-Bobo 609-485-6631
Center Service Liaison & Imaging Technologies Michele Holmes 609-485-5614
Facilities Operations James Layton 609-485-5998
Facilities Engineering Russell Atwood 609-485-6326
Logistics Management Elvin (EJ) Gibson 609-485-8229
Production Control and Planning Laurel Wittman 609-485-6719