Contact Information
Manager Administrative Contact
Michele Holmes Bonnie Critelli
609-485-5614 609-485-6185

Our Mission

The mission of the Advanced Imaging Branch is to develop, design, create, and produce videos, exhibits, displays and graphics that serve as documentation of the technical work performed within the William J. Hughes Technical Center campus and assists in the communication of technical and educational information.

Description of Work

Since its inception, the Advanced Imaging Team of the William J. Hughes Technical Center has been world-renowned for unique visual data collection and documentation techniques. It supports aviation safety and security related Research and Development (R&D) programs throughout the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Air Traffic Organization (ATO), as well as supporting R&D programs for other government agencies, including the Transportation Security Laboratory (TSL) of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Today, the Advanced Imaging team maintains state-of-the-art capabilities to provide specialized visual support for the ATO's development of NextGen as well as all government R&D requirements.