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Howard Kimpton Cyndi Bryan
609-485-5998 609-485-4808

Our Mission

The mission of the Facilities Operations Branch is to provide facilities operations, maintenance, employee safety, physical security, emergency management, ramp operations and environmental compliance services to ensure that our customers' requirements are effectively completed on schedule.

Description of Work

The Operations & Maintenance Section envelopes responsibility of ensuring the equipment and process reliability inherent to the efficient 24-7 operation of the Technical Center's vast utilities and facility infrastructure systems, in addition to meeting distinguish needs of our various tenant organizations. Daily performance is accomplished through implementation of quality oversight techniques and contract management of five individual contract vehicles. These firm-fixed price contracts supply the very critical support with enactment of custodial services; professional food management services; radio communication systems; snow removal and ground maintenance, and the substantial Center operations, maintenance and repair services of utilities (centralized and primary feed); power systems; interior/exterior facilities; emergency surveillance systems; water treatment systems; waste storage and disposal and stationary equipment.

The Environmental & Safety Section oversees environmental management systems: oversight of potable water, hazardous waste, pollution prevention, recycling, underground and above ground tanks, natural resources including wetlands and endangered and rare species, and sewage systems, leadership of greenhouse gases and air pollution, implements environmental compliance programs, provides environmental consultation and guidance, maintains a comprehensive geographical information system (GIS) and management of the FAA's only Federally-listed Superfund cleanup program, encompassing seven active remediation areas for investigation and mitigation of human health and ecological hazards. The Safety Office supports the agency's mission by providing technical expertise and assistance to promote and ensure a safe and healthful workplace, performs indoor air quality consultation, employee mishap and prevention, asbestos, mold, electromagnetic field (EMF) and Arc-Flash oversight and remediation, and manages Technical Center's Heath Awareness Programs.

The Security and Operations Center Section manages the Technical Center's aircraft ramp activities, coordinates the telephone conference bridge systems and maintains the Technical Center Operating Status web page, and 6100 telephone line along with keeping management informed to respond to routine and emergency operations, and events. This section also manages the Security Guard Services encompassing physical security, facility access, and emergency contact and dispatch for the entire Technical Center Campus and an array of emergency preparedness contingency plans to respond to all-hazard events and continuity of essential center operations and services.