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Manager Administrative Contact
Michele Holmes Bonnie Critelli
609-485-5614 609-485-6185

Our Mission

The Service Liaison Staff Branch is responsible for providing our customers with highly effective and quality customer relationship management services. Our services are designed to respond to the corporate needs for organizational efficiency and productivity. We focus on our customers by delivering high-value support services and by fostering teamwork and continuous improvement in everything we do.

Description of Work

Business Relationship Management: Provide liaison services to facilitate and improve the effectiveness of communication between the FAA Technical Center Organizations and FAA Tenant Organizations which include Federal, State and Local Government Agencies. With significant knowledge in subject matters pertaining to both FAA Services and the Organizations we support, we are responsible for developing, implementing and managing Support Agreements, Reimbursable Agreements and Service Level Agreements. Work with customers to understand service and project requirements, shape the initial service request, and provide a high-level estimate of the service and project effort and costs. Continually evaluates agreements and project objectives, prioritizes and analyzes customer requirements.

Business Integrator Services. Work and supply information to Service providers, customers and stakeholders on Reimbursable Agreement Financial Accounts. This involves the organizations annual and financial planning process (Customer Cost Estimates), updates to their financial statements, and analysis of funding allocations, obligations and expenditures.

FAA Technical Center Air Shuttle Program: Manage FAA Air Shuttle Program which offers daily Air Shuttle Service between Atlantic City and Washington DC. Provide customer service for air shuttle reservations and Passenger check-in. Manage passenger manifest, Air Shuttle Reservation System, and Air Shuttle Contract. Prepare, analyze and submit program metric reports to FAA management and program stakeholders.