John Hensyl (Acting)
Phone: (609) 485-7140

Administrative Contact

Dianne Lanzilotti
Phone: (609) 485-5762

Mission Statement

To further the development of aviation technology through strategic partnerships with industry, academia, and other government along with providing world-class information services to our users.

Description of Work

The FAA Technical Partnerships and Information Exchange Branch facilitates the development of partnerships between FAA organizations, industry, academia, and other government organizations. As the face of the Federal Laboratory, the branch manages the FAA's Technology Transfer program. This program enables the Federal Lab to develop and transfer technologies with and to the private sector when mutually beneficial. These partnerships are involved with cooperative research, providing access to FAA resources for partners and developing educational platforms that benefit the FAA and academia. In addition, the branch manages the highly successful William J. Hughes Speaker Series.

The branch also provides an information service which includes the FAA library, aviation education, and outreach services. The library provides online and direct access to numerous publications, orders, and books for the FAA. The education program reaches out to middle and high school students to enhance their knowledge and interest in aviation related topics and fields. Outreach services for industry conferences and symposiums are also provided.