John Frederick (Acting)
Phone: (609) 485-5259

Administrative Contact

Kimberly Fitpartick
Phone: (609) 485-4854

Mission Statement

The mission of the Verification and Validation Strategies and Practices Branch is to plan and execute the steps necessary to institutionalize quality test and evaluation services that meet verification and validation standards at the Technical Center and socialize quality verification and validation practices across the FAA.

Description of Work

The Verification and Validation Strategies and Practices Branch is focused on the development of a comprehensive verification and validation (V&V) approach that incorporates test and evaluation (T&E) policies and standards, a robust V&V infrastructure, and a credentialed T&E acquisition workforce.

The Test Standards Board resides in this organization and consists of a chairperson and five to six T&E subject-matter experts in the areas of automation, communication, navigation, and surveillance. The board develops and implements standards and practices for delivery of quality T&E services that effectively support the implementation of NextGen capabilities. They also provide risk-focused oversight to the Technical Center's developmental and operational test activities by reviewing and providing recommendations on test strategies, plans, and reports which includes the assessment and analysis of complex T&E work issues. The branch is also responsible for the Technical Center's T&E quality management system which includes maintaining foundational processes, conducting internal audits, and providing overarching process training. Several of the T&E projects / activities are ISO (International Organization for Standardization) registered and operate under the quality management system which provides consistent, standardized processes and assures continuous improvement.

The branch leads and supports the FAA's Acquisition Executive Board V&V Working Group and its mission to establish common V&V practices and standards across the Acquisition Management System life cycle. In addition, the team is exploring tools, methods, techniques, and infrastructures needed to rigorously support V&V activities.

Acquisition workforce development initiatives include training of the overarching quality management system as well as the T&E standards and best practices. Work is also being done with our Washington partners on competency standards across the T&E disciplines ensuring that practitioners have a core, standard set of skills.

January 11, 2013 7:51 PM