Verification and Validation Operations Guide

The purpose of this document is to describe the procedures for administering and managing V&V processes and practices. Its purpose is also to provide for continual improvement of the V&V processes themselves.

Test and Evaluation Handbook

This handbook provides standard processes for conducting high quality and consistent Test and Evaluation (T&E) that fulfills the mission of Verification and Validation (V&V).

Presentations from the Verification and Validation 6th Annual Summit 2010 held at Resorts Casino Hotel, Atlantic City, NJ October 13-14, 2010

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System Engineering in DOD (MS PowerPoint)
Dr. Richard Wittstruck, DOD Ft Monmouth

FAA NAS Enterprise Architecture (PDF)
Jesse Wijntjes, Chief Architect, NAS Enterprise Architecture

NASA V&V Program (MS PowerPoint)
Sharon Graves, NASA

Air Traffic Controller's Perspective on V&V (MS PowerPoint)
Mel Davis, NATCA National Representative

Lessons Learned from Advanced Technologies & Oceanic Procedures (ATOP) (MS PowerPoint)
Vincent Gerry, New York ARTCC

Aviation Safety View on V&V (MS PowerPoint)
Leslie Smith, Aviation Safety

System of Systems Assessment Platform (MS PowerPoint)
Maureen Molz, Manager, V&V Strategies & Practices Team

Research Park and How it Relates to V&V (MS PowerPoint)
Ron Esposito, Executive Director, NextGen Research & Technology Park

In-Service Management Gold Standard (MS PowerPoint)
Mike Gallagher, Manager, Quality & Standards Team

FAA Acquisition Workforce Certification for T&E (MS PowerPoint)
Valerie Lee, Acquisition Workforce Development & Certification

V&V Needs for NextGen (MS PowerPoint)
Maureen Keegan, Joint Planning & Development Office

V&V Principles (MS PowerPoint)
Mike Phillips, Program Manager, CMMI

V&V Validation & Volcanoes – Some Lessons Learned in Europe (MS PowerPoint)
Nigel Makins, EuroControl Liaison

Overview & Status: Acquisition Executive Board, V&V Working Group (MS PowerPoint)
John Frederick, Chairman, Test Standards Board

V&V Summit Wrap-up (MS PowerPoint)
John Wiley, Manager, Technical Strategies & Integration Group

Video – The Science of Motivation, Dan Pink
Dan Pink

Video – Golden Circle, Simon Sinek
Simon Sinek

Video – Clarke & Dawe on the US Oil Spill
Clarke & Dawe