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Research, Engineering and Development Advisory Committee (REDAC) Documents

NAS Operations Subcommittee ...

REDAC/NAS Ops Subcommittee Review ATDP-1A01C July 8, 2014

Wake Turbulence Smart Sheet

Weather Program Overview

Weather Technology in the Cockpit Program

NextGen Air Traffic Control//Technical Operations Human Factors Description

A11i Air Traffic Control/Technical Operations Human Factors Summary

2013 ANG-C4 Significant Accomplishments : Operations Concept Validation

FAA Response to REDAC Letter of April 24, 2014 (July 9, 2014)

Database Status History Report Update August 2014

Now You See Me, Now You Don't : Change Blindness in Pilot Perception of Weather Symbology

Wind Information Requirements for NextGen Applications Phase 2: Framework Refinement and Application to 4D Trajectory Based Operations and Interval Management

Technology Development & Prototyping Division ANG-C5 RIRP Portfolio Update

Deep Dive Review of General Aviation Safety Projects : Weather Technology in the Cockpit BLI A12.d


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