Presentations from the 2009 Validation and Verification Summit
held at Resorts Casino Hotel, Atlantic City, New Jersey November 4-5, 2009

Conference Agenda (PDF)      Event Record (MS Word)

Aviation Legacy of V&V (MS PowerPoint)
Adam Greco, FAA

Validating NextGen Operational Concepts: Challenges and Successes (MS PowerPoint)
Kristina Carr, FAA

T&E / V&V Role in Safety Management System (MS PowerPoint)
James Daum, FAA NextGent and Operations Planning Safety Manager

Acquisition Career Certification and Management (MS PowerPoint)
Rebecca Deloney, FAA

Real Life V&V Challenges and Successes : V&V Culture (MS PowerPoint)
Mark DeNicuolo, FAA Manager SMS Safety Assurance

V&V Challenges, Successes, and Ideas for Improvement : An In-Service Management View (MS PowerPoint)
Jennifer Duffy, Test Conduct Manager, Program Operations Second Level Support

Acquisition Executive Board V&V Working Group Status (MS PowerPoint)
John Frederick, FAA Manager: Test Standards and Program Assessment Team 

Requirements & Interface Management Working Group (MS PowerPoint)
Kimberly Gill, FAA Requirements and Interface Management

A Look @ Three Test Programs for Flight Service (MS PowerPoint)
Eric Hoover, FAA Test Director / Core Team Test Lead

Interface Testing Role in V&V (MS PowerPoint)
Brian Jefferson, FAA DataComm Test Director

Acquisition Categories (MS PowerPoint)
Daniel Kinder, FAA Director AJT Program Operations

NextGen Testbed Capabilities & Future Plans (MS PowerPoint)
Vince Lasewicz, FAA WJH Technical Center Laboratory Services Group

Turning Research Into Real Systems : The Role of Validation & the E-OCVM (MS PowerPoint)
Nigel Makins, Eurocontrol

Verification and Validation : An OSD Perspective (MS PowerPoint)
Fred Myers, Deputy Director, Test Infrastructure Test Resource Management Center DoD

Concept & Requirments Definition Guidelines (MS PowerPoint)
Tim O'Hara, FAA Manager, Concept & Requirements Definition Group 

CMMI and V&V : Best Practices in Acquisition and Development (MS PowerPoint)
Mike Phillips, Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University

FAA Aviation Safety (AVS) Role in V&V (MS PowerPoint)
Laurie Camilien-Pietrak, FAA

Verification and Validation of Flight Critical Systems : Assessment of Critical Research Areas (MS PowerPoint)
Amy Prichett, NASA Aviation Safety Program

FAA NAS Enterprise Architecture Informing Future Challenges in V&V for NextGen (MS PowerPoint)
Jesse Wijntjes, FAA NAS Chief Architect