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V&V Summit 2012 Presentations

Speaker Biographies

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Wednesday October 10, 2012
Introduction to the Summit - John Frederick
Keynote - Rear Admiral Jeffrey R. Penfield
V&V Role in NextGen - Michele Merkle
NAS Requirements Management - Kimberly Gill
Concept Development & Validation - Maureen Molz
I2I V&V Process - Harry Bilicki and Wanda Lopez-LaBarbera
SoS - Initiatives in V&V - John Peace and Rich Bormann
Common Test Challenges - Donald Firesmith
FAA Labs in a Distributed and Collaborative Environment to Support V&V - Vincent Lasewicz Jr.

Thursday October 11, 2012
V&V of Safety Hazards - James Daum
NASA Mission Challenges - Space Shuttle - Scott Altman
JPDO Efforts Related to V&V - Maureen Keegan
Program Management Organization (PMO) - Perspective on V&V - Vincent Capezzuto
PMO Program Control - Mark Walden
T&E Certification Program Status - Valerie Outlaw Lee
Value of Parametric Estimation to V&V- Joseph Madden
V&V through Storyboarding - Harry Bilicki and David Lee

Video Clips
Everyday Leadership
3 Things I learned While My Plane Crashed Part 1
3 Things I learned While My Plane Crashed Part 2
The Happy Secret to Better Work

Space Shuttle Videos from Scott Altman
Shuttle Launch (365MB mpg)*
Shuttle EVA (490MB mpg)*
Shuttle Activities (270MB mpg)*
Shuttle Landing
Wave Off Clip

*Videos may take several minutes to load