Summary Reports

The TAF summary reports include forecasts for active airports in the National Plan of Integrated Airport System (NPIAS) based on enplanements. Forecasts for FAA and FAA contract towered airports are based on operations for each fiscal year specified below.

FY 2013–2040

FY 2012–2040

FY 2011–2040

FY 2010–2030

FY 2009–2030

FY 2008-2025

FY 2007–2025

FY 2006–2025

FY 2005–2025

FY 2004–2020

FY 2003–2020

FY 2002–2020

FY 2001–2015

System Reports

The TAF system reports contain historical aviation data and forecasts for airports receiving FAA and contract tower radar service. Forecasts include activity projections for air carriers, air taxi and commuters, general aviation, and military airports in the NPIAS.

FY 2000–2015

FY 1999–2015

FY 1998–2015

FY 1997–2010