The Secretary of Transportation may provide insurance without premium, if the Secretary of Defense or the head of a Department, Agency, or instrumentality of the U.S. Government agrees to indemnify the Secretary of Transportation against all losses covered by the insurance. FAA insurance is available to CRAF participants and other air carriers flying under U.S. Government contracts.

Insurance may be provided for a period of not more than one year. Presidential approval of the standing interagency indemnification agreement constitutes the necessary Presidential Determination to issue non-premium insurance for additional periods of not more than one year.

To apply for this insurance, print out the application package, complete it and return the documents as indicated in the instructions.

Complete the Application Package for Non-premium Insurance (PDF) and submit it to the FAA by courier to:

Federal Aviation Administration
Aviation Insurance Program Office, APL–12
Attention: Tom Brown
600 Independence Avenue, SW
FOB 10B – 6E1500
Washington, DC 20591