Steve CreamerSteve Creamer became Director of the FAA's Europe, Africa and Middle East regional office, located in the American Embassy in Brussels, Belgium, in November 2009. In that position he is responsible for promoting U.S. interests and advancing civil aviation safety and efficiency, leading a staff of senior representatives located in Belgium, England, France, Russia, Senegal and the United Arab Emirates.

He plays a leading role in the development of international aviation policy and serves as the chief advocate for U.S. aviation interests in the region. He also builds alliances with international civil aviation authorities and businesses, negotiates technical assistance agreements, and leads FAA delegations to effect strategic change in international aviation consistent with FAA's goals.

Steve has held a number of executive and managerial positions in the FAA over 25 years in the Air Traffic and International Aviation organizations. He also served as manager of the domestic Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum program. As Acting Director of the System Safety and Procedures Office, he developed a strategy to achieve capacity improvements in the South Florida airspace by combining activities within terminal, en route and traffic flow management.

From January 2006 to November 2009 Steve served as a member of the Air Navigation Commission of the International Civil Aviation Organization. He was a technical adviser to the ICAO Council, which approves international civil aviation standards and recommended practices.

Steve is a private pilot.