Michael CirilloMichael Cirillo became the Executive Director for Regions and Center Operations in November 2008. In this capacity he provides leadership and guidance for operations at the nine FAA regional headquarters and Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center. In Washington headquarters, Mr. Cirillo provides management oversight direction for Information Technology, Resource Management, Planning and FOIA Management, Aviation Logistics, and the Washington Flight Program (Hangar 6.)

Prior to being the Executive Director for Regions and Center Operations he served as Regional Administrator for FAA's Alaskan Region. Mr. Michael A. Cirillo served as the senior Federal Aviation Administration and U.S. Department of Transportation official in the state. His duties included interacting with aviation interests in Alaska as well as responsibilities relating to management of the various FAA field offices. He was responsible for providing leadership on various aviation programs and policies affecting the region.

Mr. Cirillo began his career as an air traffic controller in 1977 in the United States Air Force. After completing four years of military service, he began his Federal Aviation Administration career in 1981 at the Burbank, CA Tower/TRACON as an air traffic controller. He spent 7 years at the Phoenix, AZ TRACON as an air traffic controller, hub quality assurance specialist, and area supervisor. In 1991 Mr. Cirillo moved to FAA Headquarters where he worked in the Air Traffic Requirements Service. He was responsible for requirements determination for air traffic systems.

Between 1993 and 1996 Mr. Cirillo was facility manager at the El Paso, TX Tower/TRACON and the High Desert TRACON on Edwards Air force Base. In 1996 Mr. Cirillo returned to FAA Headquarters as Assistant Division Manager, Air Traffic Terminal, En Route, and Flight Service Procedures. He was then selected as Division Manager, Air Traffic Plans and Programs where he oversaw the production of the first operational concept for the national airspace system.

In 1999 Mr. Cirillo was selected to serve a 1-year detail as FAA Liaison to the German Air Navigation Services in Offenbach, Germany. In 2000 he assumed the position as Program Director for Air Traffic System Development in the Air Traffic System Requirements Service. He was responsible for ensuring operational suitability of major automation platforms in each air traffic domain. Mr. Cirillo then moved to Air Traffic Planning and Procedures (2001-2003) as their Program Director. He was responsible for air traffic procedures in all domains, operational security, and operations planning. Upon creation of the Air Traffic organization, Mr. Cirillo held the position of Director of Terminal Operations and Safety Support.

Mr. Cirillo served as the Air Traffic Organization's Vice President of System Operations Services at FAA Headquarters in Washington, DC (2004-2007). He was responsible for traffic flow management of the national airspace system, airspace design, advanced navigation procedures, aeronautical information management, operations security, and flight services. He was the liaison to the Department of Defense and the Transportation Security Administration on air transportation issues.

Mr. Cirillo graduated from Regents College with a bachelor's degree in psychology.