Teri BrunerIn September 2007, Teri Bruner was appointed to serve as the Regional Administrator.

In November 2006, she was appointed to serve as the Deputy Regional Administrator for FAA's Southwest Region headquartered in Fort Worth. The Southwest Region encompasses Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. In this capacity, she assisted the Regional Administrator in maintaining oversight and appraising overall mission accomplishments for this 4,600-person region. Additional responsibilities include interfacing with industry, the public and Congressional offices and other government agencies at the regional level. In addition she served as the Regional Emergency Transportation Coordinator for the Department of Transportation, Region VI.

Prior to this appointment, she served as Regional Executive Manager, managing and directing the daily operations of regional headquarters personnel in logistics, financial and information management, operations center, executive staff, charter program office, and runway incursions.

Prior to these assignments, Ms. Bruner was Division Manager, Human Resource Management Division, FAA Southwest Region, for 10 years. In this position, she served on many national level teams and actively promoted programs within Human Resource Management Division and the FAA for hiring and career advance for people with disabilities and people of color.