Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will I need to pay for anything during my first few weeks at the Academy if I am using the new credit card payment process for lodging?
    • Yes. You will be required to pay for your meals and incidental expenses. You can request reimbursement 15 days after arrival at the Academy and monthly thereafter.


  2. Will I still need to submit a travel voucher (SF 1012) if using the new credit card payment process for lodging?
    • Yes. You will submit a travel voucher to be reimbursed for your meals and incidental expenses only. You can submit a travel reimbursement voucher 15 days after arrival at the Academy and monthly thereafter.


  3. How do I contact the Travel Office?
    • The Travel Office (AMK-343) is located in the Academy Building (#14), Room 134. Their phone number is (405) 954-9453.


  4. What is the daily long term per diem rate effective 10/01/16?
    • The new long-term (16 or more class days) per diem rate is $95.60 per day.


  5. How do I get to Oklahoma City (OKC) for training?
    • After receipt of your new hire packet, you are authorized to call SATO Travel at 1-800-223-9076 and book airfare to OKC. The airfare will be at no cost to you. If you choose to drive, you will be reimbursed for your actual expenses not to exceed the cost FAA would have paid for your flight to OKC.


  6. Will I be reimbursed for "Excess or Overweight Baggage" charges by the airline?
    • If you choose to fly, your travel reimbursement will be limited to two (2) bags per flight to and from OKC and no overweight charges will be reimbursed.


  7. Will I be reimbursed for a rental car while I am at the Academy?
    • No. Local transportation, including rental cars, is not authorized.


  8. When will I receive the packet of information from the Academy?
    • You should receive the package of information from the Academy within one to two weeks prior to the class start date. If you have not received it within a week prior to arrival at the Academy, please call (405) 954-6327.


  9. Do I have to stay at an apartment or hotel on the Student Services Website list of Housing?
    • No. The providers are listed as a service to assist you with obtaining lodging.


  10. How many days in advance of my class start date should I arrive at the Academy?
    • You should plan to arrive in OKC one day prior to the start of your class.


  11. When will I have an FAA email account?
    • Your account will be established after you complete training and arrive at your facility.


  12. When will I know my assigned shift for Academy training?
    • All Air Traffic Courses begin at 0700 on the first day. Shifts are then assigned by the instructors. At some time during your training at the Academy, you may be required to work night shift.


  13. Are Academy students off work for federal holidays?
    • Yes. Class is dismissed for recognized federal holidays.


  14. What is the dress code?
    • The mode of attire for the workplace shall consist of clothing that is neat, clean and will reflect a professional learning environment. Examples of such clothing include casual slacks (e.g. khakis, cords), dress slacks, dresses, skirts, blouses, dress shirts, casual shirts with collars or banded/turtle necks and/or sweaters. Jeans will be permitted as long as they are not torn, frayed, patched or have holes of any kind. Shoes shall be neat and clean.
      Articles of inappropriate attire include, but are not limited to jogging suits, athletic attire, tee/tank/muscle/sleeveless shirts (for men), tee/tank/halter/tube tops (for women). Clothing having sexual connotations, written or pictured is not permitted. Revealing, ripped, or disheveled clothing of any kind is unacceptable. Hats and caps are not to be worn inside the facility. Flip-flops are prohibited. Buttons or clothing displaying political advertising and/or slogans that are in violation of the Hatch Act are not permitted.


  15. Is there someone I can talk with about changing my facility assignment after I have arrived at the Academy?
    • Once you are at the Academy, this is only considered in rare cases. You would need to talk with the facility manager at the facility and phone number listed in your firm offer letter.


  16. Is there someone at the Academy who can help me with G.I. Bill questions?
    • We do not have a military liaison on campus. You can call 1-888-GIBILL-1 or go to the following website:


  17. Can I request a roommate?
    • The FAA Academy cannot endorse or arrange roommate situations. After arrival at the Academy, students do sometimes meet other students wishing to share accommodations.


  18. Is childcare provided?
    • There is an onsite childcare facility with enrollment based on availability. The Launching Pad is open from 0630 to 1800, Monday through Friday. Their phone number is (405) 954-4901. If there is no availability, or if you require childcare while attending evening courses, you may call Oklahoma Child Care Resource and Referral Association, Inc. at (405) 525-3111. They offer a free service to help you find the right child care situation.
    • More information can be found on the childcare page


  19. Is there a notary available?
    • The onsite FAA Credit Union has free notary service available M-F, 7:30am - 4:30pm. You can reach them at (405) 682-1990 ext 3000.